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1st Tix Logo Printed TUBIE / Neck Gaiter - BLACK

1st Tix Logo Printed TUBIE / Neck Gaiter - BLACK

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1st Tix TUBIE (Black) - Screen Printed - One Size Fits Most!!!

The Vet Tix TUBIE is a versatile accessory to have around ready for a walk, out on a motorcycle ride, round of golf or even worn at your favorite sporting event. One neck gaiter size fits most, and you will be surprised at how many uses it has. Your Vet Tix TUBIE can be used as a face mask, headband, neck gaiter, hair band, scrunchie, beanie, balaclava, foulard, handkerchief, bandana and lots more. It can also fold to a small square, so you can keep it on you for use at any time.

**Sold as "Tubie" Only, does NOT include 1st Tix Cap.

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